WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON THE FEATURE FILM “Bruno and The Staten Island Princess”.

Please visit the CURRENT CASTING ROLE page for specific roles that we are looking to cast for this MOVIE.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not looking for MINORS for this production. Must be 18yrs + to apply.

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The Team

KARI RIEGER (Extras Casting Director)

Kari, like many in the film world, started out wanting to act. As an extra in Sean Garrity’s critically-acclaimed Inertia film (2001), Kari began to meet other people in the local industry and did work as a production assistant on a commercial for Clodhoppers. She began working with a local casting director as a casting assistant for two years before starting Kari Casting.

LEAH ERUM (Extras Casting Assistant)

Leah’s first introduction to the local  film industry was as an extra in various productions. She soon discovered that her interest was more behind the scenes. She teamed up with Kari in 2004 and together, they have been Manitoba’s top Extras Casting team to date.




Past Projects


  • A Christmas Commission (Feature)
  • The Christmas Regift (Feature)
  • Psycho Killer (Feature Film)
  • “1989” (aka Deaner ’89)


  • ACTING GOOD CTV Comedy Series (Season 1)
  • VIOLENT NIGHT (Feature)
  • UNSPOKEN (Feature)
  • SPENCER SISTERS (Season 1 – CTV Series)


  • The Porter Season 1 (TV Series CBC/BET)
  • SKYMED – TV Series (Ep. 3 & 4)


  • Jessie’s Boy (Feature)
  • Burden Of Truth – Season 4 (Final Season)- CBC TV Series


Tales From The Loop
Revolve (RUN)- (Additional Photography) Feature
Nobody (Feature)
Burden Of Truth – Season 3 – CBC TV Series


Fracture – Feature NETFLIX
Revolve – Feature
Once Upon A Christmas Miracle (Hallmark)
Burden Of Truth – Season 2 – CBC TV Series
Channel Zero – Dream Doors
The Grudge – Feature


Wynter – TV Pilot
Snowbound – MOW
Christmas Connection – TV Movie
Shuttle Drive Pictures Inc.
Gone Finding Faith – MOW
JT Leroy – Feature
Burden Of Truth Season 1 – TV Series
Channel Zero Season 2 – Limited Series
Sorry for Your Loss – LB Feature
Mr. Snowman – LB Feature
NOMIS – Feature
Siberia The Movie – Feature
Break My Heart 1000 Times – Feature


Channel Zero – Mini Series


A Dog’s Purpose – Feature
Menorca – LB Feature
Devil’s Gate – Feature


Wait Till Helen Comes – Feature
The Pinkertons – Series 22 – 1hr Episodes
One Christmas Eve – MOW


Gabby Douglas Story – Feature
Bunks – Pilot TV series
Bunks Productions MB Inc
Strings (Bravetown) – Feature


Layla and Jen – Pilot Series
Reasonable Doubt – Feature
Deserted Cities – Cuidades Desiertas – LB Feature
Curse of Chucky – Feature
SMILIN’ JACK – The Jack Layton Story MOW
Less Than Kind Season 4 Series
Home Alone 5 – Feature


Euphoria – LB Feature
Mad Ship – LB Feature
Rose By Name – LB Feature
Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Season 2
Don Cherry – Keep Your Head Up Kid – The Sequel
Beethoven Saves Christmas
Wrong Turn 4


Less Than Kind Season 3
ATM – LB Feature
Men With Brooms Season 1 – Series
Faces In The Crowd – Feature
Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Season 1 Series


Shadow Island Mysteries – Mini Series
Mother’s Day
Cashing In Season 2
Lullaby for Pie
Less than Kind Season 2 Series
The Christmas Hope – Low Budget Feature


Cashing In
Taken In Broad Daylight – LB MOW for Lifetime
The B Team -Pilot
Throwing Stones – Pilot
House Party Season 1
New In Town – Feature


Rough – Mini Series
The Hessen Affair – Feature
The Haunting In Connecticut – Feature
The Box Collector – Feature
Walk All Over Me – Feature


Horsemen – Feature for Mandate/Sony Pictures
Something Beneath – Movie for the Sci-Fi Channel
Eye of the Beast – Movie for The Sci-Fi Channel
House Party – Pilot for the Comedy Network
Hybrid – Wolf Eyes – MOW for The Sci-Fi Channel
The Stone Angel – Indie Feature for Buffalo Gals Pictures
Maneater – MOW for The Sci-Fi Channel
Grizzly (AKA – Off Road) – MOW for The Sci-Fi Channel
The Good Life – Feature
The Lookout – Feature / Spyglass Entertainment/Disney/Dreamworks