Current Projects

Updated August 27th, 2023


PROJECT TITLE: Christmas Regift (TV Movie)

DIRECTOR:  Ernie Barbarash


SHOOT DATE: Aug 28th – September 13th 2023 (Shoots Mon-Fri)

SYNOPSIS: Hope’s grandmother had a tradition, to regift items that people no longer needed rather than always shopping for new Christmas gifts – a tradition that Hope has kept alive in her classroom every year! When the new City Manager, Nate, comes back to his hometown of Larchmont Falls to plan the annual Jingle Bell Jubilee, he quickly realizes he is in over his head and turns to his old school crush, Hope to help realize Regiftmas for the entire town! But Hope’s friend Allison has a crush on Nate, and Hope’s ex, hockey player Andy still may have a crush on Hope! All the while, the deadline for the Jingle Bell Jubilee is quickly approching…


PROJECT TITLE: A Christmas Commission (TV Movie)

DIRECTOR:  Robin Dunn


SHOOT DATE: August 30th – September 15th 2023 (Shoots Mon-Fri)

SYNOPSIS:Eva has been working in real estate for just over two years and is the hot up and coming real estate agent in her office. Right on the heels of the top real estate agent, Hunter! When Hunter and Eva are forced to work on selling a property together, AND with only 10 days before Christmas to do so, there is inevitable friction, both professionally and romantically! On top of that, Eva’s niece, Bonnie has come to stay for the holidays and is desperately persuading her aunt to follow her true passion, to finish her first novel and become a prolific mystery writer. With Christmas quickly approaching, Eva and Hunter will have to learn to put aside their differences and work together, and maybe they’ll pursue their true passions as a result!