Current Projects

Updated November 15th, 2021

TITLE: Unspoken (Drama/Suspense) Canadian/China Co-production

DIRECTOR: Daming Chen

CAST:  Hanyu Zhang, Vivienne Tien, Jake Abel, and many more!

SHOOT DATES: December 6th – Jan 28th (Mon – Fri)

**not filming between Dec 24th – Jan 2nd

LOCATION: Winnipeg and surrounding areas such as; Selkirk, Caraman, Roseisle, Riverside

SYNOPSIS: Grief stricken over the murder of his estranged deaf daughter at an American university, a former Chinese detective comes to claim her body but quickly becomes convinced the local cops are pursuing the wrong suspect and that racism is compromising the investigation. With a young translator in tow, he sets out to learn what really happened to his daughter and bring her killer to justice.

**If interested in applying as an extra, please complete the Extras Casting form.  Click on this link to apply.